Dear Editor,

Someone was good enough to bring to the attention of the undersigned, a commentary by one Satiricus (hitherto unknown) in the Guyana Times of Sunday, May 25, 2014.

Therein reference was made to E B John, obviously unknown to the author. This is therefore to confirm that E B John is authentic and a real man.

Further, other readers would know that this writer has never been disposed to ad hominen attacks, and has always preferred to rise above the level of the critic, moreso in a case where gender is cloaked in anonymity.

While the author’s witticisms are informed by obvious scholarship, they are, at the same time, deformed in a descent into unbecoming vitiation.

The substantive defect in the commentary however, is its total irrelevance to the issue addressed by E B John – specifically on the process of appointment of senior counsel in Guyana’s (alleged) justice system.

On the other hand, its relevance lies in the exposure of a mind, set in this surrounding debilitating predatory environment, to which the author wittily (or unwittingly) contributes.

S/he has effectively lowered the bar of just comment.

Yours faithfully,

E.B John

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