Youth should believe in the audacity of hope

Dear Editor,

Every passing day, I read the news of our leaders’ failure to compromise for the good of our nation; I read column upon column of bitterness and divisiveness; I read discourses that involve ‘cuss outs’ which are not based on reasoned logical debates; and I read of the opinions of our older leaders who operate as if only they have all the solutions for Guyana.

Guyana needs new revolutionary leadership at all levels of society. The status quo cannot remain the same.

The leaders of this youth generation must start to emerge, engage and assume their rightful place atop the leadership structures in our society.

Many are cynical and frustrated at what passes for leadership today, and many feel that this gloom and doom situation will not change in the foreseeable future. I have a message for them: believe in the audacity of hope!

Hope that our young generation will rise and guide this nation to a new culture of inclusiveness and cooperation and hope that this is the generation that will move Guyana into a brand new future where the possibilities and dreams of all Guyanese can be fully realised.

 Yours faithfully,

Michael Leonard


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