Disparaging comments about Kumar were unfair

Dear Editor,

Tuesday, June 10, was a beautiful day in the community life of Agricola. Clive Atwell was celebrated for his efforts trying to win for Guyana and Agricola a world boxing title, while at the same time putting his country and community on the international stage. He did not succeed in the former but was immensely successful in his quest for Guyana and Agricola.

The motorcade was simply superb; the rains came just as the reception on the Agricola/McDoom basketball court was about to commence. We were delayed but not denied; plan B was activated and the Agricola Community Centre became the alternative venue.

More or less all was good going; Clive was heralded as the home-town hero by one presenter after another. I must say he truly deserved every sentiment thrown his way; he is a loving, humble, decent and very religious young man.

But, there has always to be a ‘But’, some in attendance seized the opportunity to castigate Mr Neil Kumar, the Director of Sport, who for some reason could not be in attendance. Mr Kumar did call to apologize for his inability to be present, but made available the chairs, water, public address system and the vehicle that carried Mr Clive Atwell in the motorcade as well as his driver and one technician.

Certainly the attacks on Mr Kumar by two speakers could never be justified; they were not properly informed and made disparaging comments about an individual who made his contribution to the function.

Why he couldn’t be there is another matter, and he has the right to his privacy. To turn a social event into a political affair was not warranted and cannot be justified. We, the people of Agricola, will always be grateful for the political contribution in the advancement of our community, but would never support anyone using our planned social event for their own political glory.

I was the liaison between the Agricola Centre Management Committee and the office of the Director of Sport, and I know that he cooperated fully with the committee and made his department and personal contributions.

I believe that the disparaging comments about Mr Kumar are very unfair, and those who made them should offer an apology now that they are aware of the facts.

We thank Mr Kumar and look forward to his continued interest in the sports arena of the Agricola community.

Yours faithfully,

Bishop Ivan John

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