There are important reasons why young people should go out and vote

Dear Editor,

I am a pharmacy graduate from the University of Guyana. I am twenty-one years young and extremely ambitious. I was born in the La Penitence area and raised in a community in the southern section of the city.

Academically, I am interested in the pharmacological aspect of science while other interests include religion, politics, environment and sports. Thus, as an ardent and passionate future politician, I find it necessary to state some reasons why young people should vote at the upcoming general elections. These are the indispensable reasons why they must turn out at the polls:

  1. Voting is an important right we have a duty to exercise. Many governments around the world allow citizens no part in electing officials. We do have the opportunity to help select government leaders, and the health of our democracy relies on our participation.
  2. Many individuals don’t believe their vote will make any difference, but recent history has shown that elections can be decided by a handful of votes. Taking the initiative to vote can help prevent elections from being left to chance.
  3. Are young people passionate about a particular social issue? Abortion, gay marriage, capital punishment are only a few of many contentious topics that dominate the political discourse. They should learn about candidates’ views on issues that are important and vote in support of their beliefs.
  4. Politicians continually make decisions about higher education costs and student loan policies. These and other issues prove we have an important economic interest in every election.
  5. Leaders are continually making foreign policy decisions. In the case of military intervention, it isn’t the president or ministers who deploy to other countries to risk their lives, it’s young people. They should use their vote to support the foreign policies they believe in.
  6. The environment stands to be among the biggest political topics of this generation. Many climate experts warn of serious, potentially irreversible weather changes that may drastically alter life on our planet. Whether one agrees with this assessment or has other views, voting is a way to express convictions.
  7. Young people’s votes will determine the future of ‘Oh Beautiful Guyana,’ Young voters account for more than 60 per cents. Let’s have a say in who become the managers and protectors of daily affairs.
  8. Politicians know who votes in each election, and they are more likely to support initiatives that are popular among groups with the highest voter turnout. For young people to have a significant political influence, they must turn out in greater numbers than is traditionally seen.
  9. By voting young people will not only be doing theirr part to influence the present, they are also affecting the future. Demonstrating this point well is the crucial attention placed on environment pollution which is one of the biggest problems the world faces today.

10.Voting is a way to honour those who have helped to secure our rights. Suffrage activists and Civil Rights leaders are only a few examples of those to whom we owe our respect and appreciation. Voting gives us the opportunity to help pay that debt.

With these ten fundamental reasons, I would encourage all citizens, particularly our youths to treat their constitutional and fundamental right to vote with respect by exercising it on Election Day. Let’s change the way we view politics!

 Yours faithfully,

Samuel King

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