Victim overpowers armed bandit, floors him – court hears

An armed robber who was overpowered by his intended victim and beaten unconscious was yesterday sentenced to a total of nearly five years in jail, after he was found guilty of the charges.

The court heard that on September 26, 2014 at the Stabroek Market Square Calvin Dover, while armed with a gun, attempted to rob Dave Rodrigues. Dover was also charged with being in possession of a gun and eleven matching rounds without being the holder of a firearm licence.

According to the police, on the day in question, Rodrigues along with friends was outside the Demico building about 19:00 hrs when the defendant attempted grab his haversack containing $950,000, while holding him at gunpoint.

But Rodrigues tightened the straps of his bag and overpowered Dover. Hitting him several times, until he fell to the ground, Rodrigues relieved Dover of the weapon.

The complainant then proceeded to the Stabroek Outpost and lodged the weapon while making a report.

When the police arrived on the scene, they found Dover, who was pointed out by the defendant, regaining consciousness.

The police then took the accused to the Criminal Investigation Department where the weapon was confirmed to be a 9 mm pistol and live rounds were discovered on his person.

Magistrate Ann McLennan told the defendant that the court was satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that he was guilty of the charges, after it took into account the chain of evidence given by eyewitnesses and the police.

Moreover, the defendant was told that the court disbelieved the story he gave about his innocence of the charge – that he was just going to buy bread.

His attorney Adrian Thompson asked the magistrate to consider that his client had already spent five months behind bars, while it was the first time he was found guilty of an offence.

But Prosecutor Deniro Jones urged the court to impose a sentence which will serve as a deterrent to others.

The magistrate then explained to Dover that she had considered all of the factors in her ruling, while she highlighted the prevalence and the seriousness of the offence.

He was sentenced to two years imprisonment for attempting to commit a felony; fined $5,000, each for the charges of unlawful possession of firearm and ammunition along with one year and seven months imprisonment on the two charges which will run concurrently.

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