Woman jailed for beat-down of neighbour

A woman will be spending the next three months in prison after she admitted to beating up her neighbour.

“To be honest, whaeva gah happen, gah happen,” Sade Grant, 26, said just before she was sentenced by Magistrate Dylon Bess.

Grant was charged at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts with assaulting her neighbour, Candace Griffith. It is alleged that on February 27, at National Avenue, South Ruimveldt, she used a piece of pipe to commit the assault. It was also alleged that she scratched Griffith several times.

When Magistrate Bess asked Grant if this was true, she said, “I don’t know if I am guilty or not.”

The magistrate then asked the prosecutor to read the facts.

Prosecutor Tracymay Gittens told the court that Griffith and Grant are neighbours. One of them lives on the upper flat and the other on the lower flat of a two-storey building. Gittens said on the day of the assault, Griffith was standing in front of her yard talking to her children when Grant approached her and asked for a pass.

But Griffith ignored her and continued with her conversation and this made Grant irate. As a result, a confrontation ensued and Grant picked a pipe and lashed Griffith about her body. She also allegedly scratched Griffith on the face.

Griffith reported the beating and Grant was subsequently arrested.

When asked if she was guilty of beating Griffith, Grant said, “Yes but she (Griffith) fought back.

Earlier, Grant told the magistrate she has two young children, who are 3 years and 7 years.

In sentencing her, the magistrate told Grant that he had taken into consideration that she had two young children and she did not waste the court’s time. He then told her that the court cannot allow her to beat persons that have angered her. He also said if both parties were involved in the fight, she should’ve reported it to the police.

The magistrate asked Grant if she knew she could be jailed up to 18 months. Tears started to trickle down her cheeks at this point and she said, sadly, “To be honest, whaeva gah happen, gah happen.” The woman was then sentenced to three months in prison.