Albouystown man shot in Tucville

An Albouystown man was admitted to the hospital yesterday after he had been shot several times to his arm and stomach in Tucville.

According to an eyewitness, around 8:50 am, Ian Ambrose, 28, of 135 Cooper Street, Albouystown, stopped and got off of his motorcycle at a yard opposite the Turning Point Snackette, when a man, described as a “youth wearing a red hat, a red jersey, and a white pants” came up behind him and fired several shots, hitting him in the arm and his stomach.

The eyewitness explained that she heard a commotion between two men and a few seconds after, she heard about four gunshots. She said she peeked out and saw the man, who she described earlier, running through the yard with the gun in his hand, firing about 3-4 four more shots.

“I see he running through the yard and the gun going, pow pow pow,” she related to this newspaper.

She said when she went outside, she noticed another person, who is known as Junior, who lives next door, jump onto his motorcycle and speed away, hitting a two-year-old boy. The two-year-old boy is currently nursing minor wounds at the Woodlands Hospital.

The eyewitness relayed that Junior raced off in the direction of the perpetrator as if he was chasing him.

Ambrose underwent surgery at GPHC.


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