Kumaka woman dies after 13th child born

The body of the Kumaka, North West District woman who died last Wednesday after giving birth to her 13th child at Salem Backdam, Parika, East Bank Essequibo, was transported to her home yesterday for burial.

Viola La Cruz, 41, delivered her baby girl on November 26 with the help of her mother, Mary La Cruz.

According to her cousin, Richard, at whose home she was staying, she developed pain after giving birth but did not complain.

“She just bear the pain up to the last. When the pain came on rash the next day then she talked,” he told this newspaper yesterday.

They tried desperately to get her to the hospital but by then it was too late. La Cruz died on the way.

She had been transferred from the Mabaruma Hospital about two months after she was diagnosed with hypertension.

After her condition became stable she was discharged.

She stayed at the Amerindian Hostel and two weeks ago she moved to Richard’s home.

The baby who is said to be healthy, was treated at the West Demerara Regional Hospital. She is now in the care of her  older “sisters.”





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