Cops hold suspects after bandits rob Kissoon’s Main St outlet

Three heavily armed bandits pulled off a daring daylight robbery on an A H & L Kissoon’s Furniture Store outlet yesterday afternoon on Main Street, after which police held three suspects who they say matched their descriptions.

The attack occurred around 2.30 pm when the three men walked in and dispersed to different locations around the outlet, which is located between Middle and New Market streets, next to the Guyana Power and Light Inc (GPL) head office.

“They just come in like normal customer and started walking about the place and checking the stuff out,” one of the workers recounted.

“After they just go all over, my supervisor came up to me and said they look suspicious and she ask them what they looking for and then they pull out they guns,” he said, while pointing out that the three men were armed with two handguns and a shotgun.

He said after the three men pulled out their guns and held up the four workers and one customer, they demanded cash and all cellular phones.

The three men managed to escape with around $100,000 in cash and four cellular phones.

The worker said two of the men rushed towards the desk where the supervisor usually sits, after they saw a heavy duty safe behind. “They see the safe and start hollering and asking for the key ’cause it was locked and after my supervisor told them that we don’t keep the keys here, they push she down and then start demanding cash,” the man added.

He said after the men failed to get the keys to the safe, they ransacked the drawer and took the cash. “After they get the cash, they just walk out and jumped into a waiting white Toyota 212 and they drive away,” he said.

“I just sense that they were bandits when they walked in. But what I coulda do? Huh? They had three guns and it was just five of us,” the only customer who was in the store explained. He said that after the men pulled out their guns and demanded cash, one of them reached into his pocket and pulled out his cellphone. “He pulled it out and then ask me what I got in the next one and I pull out a bill and showed him. I told him that’s all I got and the cheap phone,” he added

While counting the company’s losses, AH&L Kissoon Managing Director Hemraj Kissoon lauded the police’s response. “They were prompt and on time. I mean with stuff like these, you can hardly prevent. You can have police patrols on every corner but they were prompt,” he said.

After the attack, the police quickly deployed their forces and eventually stopped a vehicle that matched the description of the one that was used by the robbers. While two men were in the vehicle, neither of them matched the descriptions of the suspects nor were there any weapons or the cash found in the vehicle.

In a statement issued last evening, police said anti-crime patrols responded to the report of the robbery and the vehicle was intercepted at Middle Street, Georgetown, with three men inside who matched the descriptions of the robbers. They remained in custody up to last evening.

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