Taxi driver, labourer remanded over sports bar burglary

A taxi driver and a labourer accused of breaking and entering Corner Kick Sports Bar were yesterday remanded to prison after being charged with the crime at a city court.

Thirty-two-year-old Dwayne Hawker, a labourer of 213 Third Street, Alexander Village and taxi driver, Dwayne Charles, 40, of 99 Laing Avenue, were accused of breaking and entering the establishment between July 7 and July 8. It was alleged that the duo therein stole three television sets, a cash canister and $360,000 a total value of $1,355,000. The accused both pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Attorney Paul Fung-A-Fat, who represented Charles, stated that his client had been on hire on the day the incident occurred and it was claimed that cameras had captured the items being loaded into the defendant’s car.

This, he suggested, was not out of the ordinary, given his client’s profession as a taxi driver.

Prosecutor Deniro Jones related that Charles’ car had been captured on CCTV cameras as the items were being loaded and that the accused had admitted to taking the items.

Both men were remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan and are required to return to court on January 21, 2016 when the matter will be heard in Court 5.


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