‘National Assembly’ should have read ‘Parliament’

Dear Editor,

Our earlier statement on the prorogation of Parliament dated February 13, 2015 referenced in the opening sentences the prorogation of the “National Assembly” which should have read in each instance “Parliament.” By Article 51, The Parliament of Guyana consists of the President and the National Assembly. It is Parliament that is prorogued by Article 70. The Attorney-General, with understandable delight has already pointed this out and we are happy that he seems to have recovered his usual hubris. We hope he may summon similar enthusiasm to address the matter at hand. Article 69 (1) has clear terms requiring that in the present circumstances, Parliament should have been either resumed or dissolved no later than February 10, 2015.

This is fortunately not open to revisionist interpretation by the President’s distinguished principal legal advisor.

 Yours faithfully,

Ronald G Burch-Smith


Guyana Bar Association

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