RDC vehicles used for campaign purposes

Dear Editor,

Since the date of elections was announced by the President every event hosted by the PPP/C in Region Five and beyond has used the RDC vehicles to fetch people so as to get a crowd. I would like to remind the Chairman and REO of Region 5 that it is taxpayers’ money that is being used to purchase, maintain and fuel those vehicles, and they should stop using government vehicles and resources for the PPP/C election campaign.

Yes, I agree this was done in the past, but let us put an end to this abuse now. Recently the Region 5 RDC purchased a 32 seater bus, whose main purpose one suspects is to transport people to and from PPP/C meetings. Also it should be said that the Region 5 identification mark has been removed from the doors of the vehicles, so they cannot be identified as the property of the RDC. This is total eye-pass in relation to the residents of the region, and we are calling for it to stop now.

Under an APNU-AFC regional administration we will ensure that all the assets of the region are accounted for and moreover are used for doing the work of the people.

Yours faithfully,

Abel Seetaram

AFC Executive

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