Case study done on East Canje road speed limit

Dear Editors,


A letter published in your newspaper some months ago, captioned ‘What is the rationale for fixing the speed limit in East Canje at 50 kph?’ from Mr Mohamed Akeel refers.

The Guyana National Road Safety Council (GNRSC) would like to respond to Mr Akeel:

There are four primary practices and methodologies which are used in establishing speed limits – 1. engineering approach; systems; 3.optimization; 4. injury minimization. The basic legality of speed limits were reviewed, and several case studies for setting speed limits on a variety of roads studied. The research canvassed immediate residents, the Region Six Road Safety Association Chairman/ members, the GNRSC Coordinator and the Region Six Traffic Officer.

Speed limits promote public safety by helping drivers choose a reasonable and prudent speed that is appropriate for normal traffic, weather and roadway conditions. They encourage more drivers to travel at about the same speed, which has been shown to reduce the likelihood of crashes. Traffic engineers and safety officials determine rational speed limits based on a formal review of traffic flow, roadway design, local development and crash information. They analyze traffic flow and speed data from many locations along the roadway.

With reference to the case study of the area in question (Gangaram to New Forest, East Canje), it was noted that there had been multiple accidents some of which were fatal, deep turns in the road which was narrow in parts, not forgetting over 20 liquor shops on the roadside and more in the streets. Further, there were reckless and speeding drivers in the evenings when there is no police presence. (Source: residents, police, Region Six RSA chairman/members).

In addition, it takes less than 25 minutes driving at 50 kph to reach the next village along the one-mile stretch of road referred to in the query.

The GNRSC was reliably informed that two new housing schemes and a tourist resort will be opened in the same area shortly, thus, the area would become more populated.

Please note that the Guyana National Road Safety Council is very concerned about this matter since road deaths and injuries are escalating at an alarming rate.

NB: Driving at 10kmph less saves lives! (Global research)


Yours faithfully,
Dennis Pompey
Earl Lambert
Colvern Venture


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