It is time for the city council to have new people and new ideas

Dear Editor,

Local government elections are finally to be held in March 2016 as announced by the Minister of Communities and I know that this has been welcomed by most if not all.

As a citizen of Georgetown I am delighted that this election will be held and I know that some amount of fresh breeze will be bestowed on the council of Georgetown thereby; there will be new persons, new ideas, and young visionary people with zeal and zest to move this municipality forward. The present councillors served longer than they anticipated, and many of them have become complacent and lackadaisical in relation to their duties.

In fact I think most of them are burnt out. Having been around for over twenty years they have reached a stage similar to that of the PPP/C regime at the last elections, and so people want a change and are looking forward to this current set of councillors stepping aside and giving the reins to another group of Guyanese who are willing and ready to work for the betterment of the municipality.

The information I have received is that the current Deputy Mayor, Ms Patricia Chase-Green has the aspiration of becoming the next mayor of Georgetown, but I must say she is not the most suitable candidate for that position. While I have respect for her as a community leader and one who is involved in the political arena, I am not satisfied that she is ready for the position of mayor of the city of Georgetown, since among other things she seems to lack diplomacy, and becoming the mayor of Georgetown would be a slap in the face of the citizens.

As a concerned citizen I would urge citizens within the municipality to vote wisely come elections day in March 2016; we want to see a change in the city council. Those who have served their time and made their contribution should move on gracefully and give other people a chance. It is time for fresh, new ideas as we seek to rebuild and reshape the city of Georgetown and its environs.

Yours faithfully,

Garfield Boston

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