When will true justice be served in the Fiedtkou-Parris case?

Dear Editor,

I have been following, with interest, the case of the 72-year old granny who was murdered in her own home which was adjacent to an auto sales business on Robb Street. On Tuesday, November 25th, 2015, I was heartened to learn that the four persons accused of the murder of Clementine Fiedtkou-Parris were each sentenced to eighty-one years in jail after receiving unanimous guilty verdicts from the jury. However, two haunting questions remain: Who were the masterminds/paymasters behind this cold-blooded murder and when will they be brought to justice? Based on the evidence cited in the trial and reported in the dailies, there are key clues that may lead the members of our police force to the intellectual authors of the murder which took place on the evening of June 30, 2011. To date, no known attempts have been made by the police to question the suspected intellectual authors of the murder or to publicly indicate who paid the killers to perform such a dastardly act. When will true justice be served in this case?


Yours faithfully,

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