Noise level at HJ Water World is ‘five feet high and rising’

Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter which was written by Mr Conrad Barrow, which appeared in your edition of Friday, November 27, and captioned ‘RED has revolutionised entertainment in Guyana.’

Among other things, the writer is commending the Red Entertainment body for offering a different type of music (jazz) from what is usually offered (dancehall, etc) and also for utilising locations such as the HJ Water World, Providence, to do so.

Despite his stated views, which I do admire, there is another side to the entertainment which is provided at/by the Water World.

I live in the Republic Park area, a relatively quiet one, until recently, when, with the advent of the HJ Water World, some of us discovered that our homes were situated directly in the pathway of the unbearable, unreasonable and unwelcome noise ‒ described by some as musical entertainment ‒ which emanates from the said location whenever concerts or shows are held there.

I must add that not only do we have to endure the actual performances of the artistes, but we are also ‘privileged’ to be part of the dress rehearsals, which usually start several hours before and with the same level of noise.

Initially, the HJ Water World owners, addressing concerns raised by residents when this problem first surfaced, stated that their intention was to develop a fun park and that the hosting of shows and concerts would be at a minimum. As expected, however, this is not the case, and gradually we are witnessing an increase in the number of shows being held both at the weekends and lately, national holidays, and with the holiday season fast approaching, if this trend continues, the Jackson Five’s song, ‘Christmas won’t be the same this year’ will no doubt, increase in popularity among some residents of the Park (myself included).

It is my hope that the relevant authorities will look into this matter urgently, with a view to achieving a common ground, ie, one which will be beneficial to both the entertainment seeker and affected residents.

For me, a simple start will be to reduce the level of the sound of the music and also ensure that curfew times for the stopping of these events are adhered to, strictly.

Coincidentally, as I write, there is in progress an entertainment launching for ‘Xtra beer’ and, to borrow a phrase from the great country singer Johnny Cash, the noise level at the HJ Water World is “five feet high and rising”.

Yours faithfully,

Maurice Abraham


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