GTT launches 4G service

GTT today unveiled its 4G service.

A release from the company follows:

GTT launches 30 times faster 4G
Starting today more than 85% of our customers will get blazing fast 4G. GTT will make it easy for you to get 4G in Greater Georgetown and we will add new areas in the coming weeks. Once you’re in a coverage area, you will get 4G – no texts, no calls, no gimmicks. Simply use your smartphone!
3x more data same low price
Because we understand that customers will do more with more speed, GTT offers much better data plans that are flexible enough to suit everyone’s needs. We increased the amount of data included in our plans up to 3x whilst maintaining the same low price.
GTT provides the best value on its data plans
“If you wanted minutes, you’d buy minutes. We do not force anyone to buy minutes when subscribing to a 4G data plan. Simply put, our plans are much better and up to 40% cheaper. We also only have one set of data plans which you simply activate by dialing *100#, Customers get an equation that is easy to understand:
More Data + Same Prices = Best Value”. Gert Post, Chief Commercial Officer said.
And if customers want to make calls at the most affordable rates, GTT already provides Smart Talk bundles where you can call all numbers in Guyana and International for unbeatable prices. Smart Talk has been made even more attractive with new prices.
Dial *100# to order any data plan
Any customer can get 4G by having a data plan. Dial *100# to activate one. Customers on an existing data plan will be upgraded at no extra cost. All unused data is rolled over once you re-subscribe at expiry of a data plan. Further, all smartphones sold by GTT are ready to experience 4G.
Fast, modern and high capacity network, NO bottlenecks with GTT
In order to provide our customers with the best 4G experience Mr. Post stated that GTT connected its sites with fiber and that it has high capacity fiber optics all the way up to the major internet exchanges in the USA providing plenty of capacity which allows greater reliability, more bandwidth and faster speeds for all customers.
GTT acknowledges the Minister of Public Telecommunication, Cathy Hughes for her vision and foresight in opening the door to allow us “Do More” for our customers and Guyana.
“GTT already provided the best value in Guyana and with our new 4G data plans we are even doing MORE for our customers. This is an excellent time to switch to GTT and do MORE with your money”, concluded Mr. Post.

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