Teen gets bail after denying smartphone theft

A 17-year-old girl was yesterday released on $80,000 bail after denying that she stole a smartphone.

Zenova Thomas
Zenova Thomas

Zenova Thomas, of Sophia, appeared before city magistrate Faith McGusty to answer to the charge that on May 13, she stole a Samsung Galaxy S5, valued $150,000 and which was the property of Joan Richmond.

She allegedly committed the theft at Bel Air Village, Georgetown.

When asked where she worked, Thomas told the court that she was not employed and had in fact dropped out of school last year.

Asked for the location of her mother, Thomas told the court that the woman had been robbed yesterday morning and could not make it to court. Moments after telling the court this, her mother walked into the court and stood by her daughter’s side. When asked by the magistrate whether she was robbed, the woman had no response.

Thomas was later granted $80,000 bail and the matter was adjourned until June 17.

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