Man chopped, another stabbed in separate attacks

An 18-year-old was chopped on the head on Friday morning by an individual who has since gone on the run.

Kareem Christopher, of Independence Boulevard, Albouystown, told Stabroek News that he was dealt a chop to his head after he had gone to make a complaint against another individual who was provoking one of his friends.

“The incident revolved around a family friend and a juvenile I know from my area. I warned him not to trouble my friend but he persisted,” he recounted.

He then said that after he made the report, the individual proceeded to pelt him and another friend. “We jumped out of the way and it knocked my friend,” he said.

This action, Christopher said, led to him picking up two bottles, since he was aggravated. “I picked up two bottles and tell he that if he want shy (pelt), he can shy again,” he stated.

After this, he said that a cousin of the assailant knocked the bottles out of his hand, while another cousin attacked him from the back. “The lil boy was about 17. I don’t know what he use but I got stunted. All I coulda study was getting to the hospital and I run away,” Christopher said.

He added that he has since been told that when police ranks visited the assailant’s home, he had already fled.

Meanwhile, a West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme handyman was also stabbed on Friday by another individual.

Stabroek News was told that Orsena Phillips, 27, of West Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, was at  a friend playing a video game when an associate, identified only as ‘Black Boy,’ entered the room and refused to leave when told to do so.

The assailant subsequently proceeded to push Phillips down and stab him to his left side.

Phillips was rushed to the hospital but has since been discharged.

Stabroek News was unable to ascertain if his assailant has been apprehended.

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