Bandits cart off millions in goods

-during Mon Repos electronics store hold-up

Two men carted off over $3M in electronics from a Mon Repos dealer during a brazen attack yesterday afternoon.

Following the robbery of Viscom Electronics Store at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara, owner Shridat Singh lamented a lack of police presence to deter continuing attacks on businesses.

Singh told Stabroek News that around 1.28pm, the two robbers went to the store wearing full face helmets and enquired about purchasing credit for their phones.

“They came on a black CG motorcycle and parked on the road in front of the store.

One of the bandits emptying one of the glass cases into his bag.
One of the bandits emptying one of the glass cases into his bag.
The two bandits leaving the store after they filled their bags with the electronics.
The two bandits leaving the store after they filled their bags with the electronics.

They had on full face helmets, so you couldn’t see their faces. One of them had on a red jeans, red Converse and a blue t-shirt with the word ‘Freed’ written on it and he was armed with a cutlass, while the other one was wearing a long-sleeved cream shirt and a black long pants and had a gun,” he related.

While he was not at the store at the time of the robbery, Singh said he was able to see what had transpired through video footage from security cameras. He was also briefed by the two workers who were present at the time of the attack.

He explained that after the two men asked for credit for their phones, one of the staffers asked whether they wanted GTT or Digicel.

The men did not respond. They subsequently tried to open one of the grilled gates that was leading beyond the showcases. “They couldn’t open it, so the one with red jump over and open it and the other one rushed it and grabbed the two staff,” Singh explained.

He said that they took the two staffers to a wall and told them to stay there and not to move or else they would be shot. They then started to fill their two backpacks with digital cameras, perfumes, tablets, cellular phones and other small electronics. “They even took persons phones we were repairing and stashed them in their bags,” Singh said. He explained that the men took over $3M in goods but were not able to take any cash since it wasn’t in the vicinity.

After loading their packs, the two men ran out of the store, hopped onto the bike and rode off. “One of my friends tried to follow them but when they got to BV [Beterverwagting] they escaped through a fine crack and got away,” he explained.

Even though his workers are extremely traumatised, Singh explained that he cannot let the ordeal or the spate of robberies hinder his business. “One of the girls was pretty traumatised. When she called me, she was crying and couldn’t even remember what number to call,” he said.

Over the past week, there have been numerous attacks on businesses by robbers using CG motorcycles for their getaway. However, despite the attacks, Singh explained that the police presence has not increased in the area. “The only thing that increased is the traffic ranks coming on the road and stopping you for checks but besides that nothing. You don’t see police patrolling or anything of the sort,” he explained.

Another businessman explained that since the holiday season was fast approaching, there should be a drastic increase in the police presence. “It would send a message to these guys that they are present and around the place,” he said.

Singh said that the store was robbed in 2012 and he had corrected the “lapses” but even with the improved security the robbers still don’t care. He referenced other businesses that have security cameras all over but have still been targeted.


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