Towards the 2020 Jubilee elections…

-and another government –and oil!

Why – as current cost-of-living, quality of life, bread and butter issues “consume” the Guyanese Citizen – am I fast forwarding to some Jubilee general election three years away?

Perhaps there are two/three valid reasons even if still far from obvious to some.

A newly-elected “young” government sets about to execute campaign promises. It has to prove it can outdo previous administrations at improving national life, community and family welfare consistently through well thought-out policies, professionally-implemented programmes and the provision of peace, stability and the environment suitable for producing the national good life.

To be patiently fair the populace should tolerantly spare a thought for what a new government inherited from its predecessor but often and expectedly people are reasonably harsh when the newcomers in office fail  to fulfil within promised time  frames. It’s happening here already. After nearly two years of the APNU/AFC accession. Never-the-less any or all government “achievements” are trumpeted.

Public relations dudes and ministers’ speeches all praise standard services of a new innovation.

And I submit, they all have eyes and minds on the next elections.

Government will reason with the electorate that current or new programmers are long term -destined to fructify after 2020. We know what that means. Ministers and other top honchos eye at least one more team. For varied reasons.

Every success and the attendant speech reek of a campaign subtly or obviously.

No need to outline here how the PPP opposition views developments and their role. They are quite open about that.  All things are political and electoral. Period!

Another Jubilee, sovereign oil wealth

Hustling daily to survive life’s challenges here, few can find time to contemplate another (Granger) jubilee. However, I’m putting it to you-all that to precede the 2020 polls, the 50th anniversary  of the republic -1970-2020 will see May 2016-like celebrations.

Of course, the Granger administration with willing Raphael/AFC complicity, will hope that the Jubilee Republic will have lots to celebrate substantially. Especially the first barrels of Guyana crude via ExxonMobil’s wells. And who in the current Granger government  won’t want to be in authority and control when that oil wealth hopefully trickles down to the people’s benefits.

I contend – until next installment – that Mr Jagdeo,  whether as President or not, dreams every night of being “in charge” post-2020


Massive thievery!

From my first to thirteenth year my  old “red-lady” grandmother somehow made me internalise that both dishonesty and theft were bad. Evil.

Thankfully, through I’m still relatively needy, I have always frowned on theft. (Four daughters also seem to embrace that value  too.) But granny would have been out of place in today’s Guyana – and world. Honesty is now only  for the very  poor, the stupid and perhaps, the un-ambitious.

You-all can imagine my intrigue, bordering on shock, when I hear of the (alleged) thefts of millions. From bank fraud, from agencies. It takes bravado  however dubious for someone to decide, to scheme to steal multiple millions from colleagues, banks or state coffers.  Or “cocaine boats”.

By the way, would I be personally, even wrongfully discriminatory, ethnic-wise, to consider those now accused of those massive big time thefts? Discuss…

Now please ponder…

After my own mild but stimulating (?) piece on post elections office holders-voters relationship last Friday great editorial on  “power junkies” in this Tuesday’s Stabroek.

My late African friend Chukuma held five legitimate passports from Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Britain, Guyana and the USA. Truly a citizen of the world.

As immigrants and refugees sweep into foreign lands, what should the “host”- receiver nations do about the thousands of newcomers? And about their own cultural traditional way of life?

GWI warns: “Legal action will be taken against persons found providing water access to disconnected customers“. Does this mean that a kind-hearted neighbour shouldn’t assist with “lending” his mattee water even if he – the neighbour is prepared to pay whatever the fee?

Problems? What problems? Recently, and currently, a plethora of Hindu psychics, palmists, astrologers have been advertising their ability to successfully eradicate any problem one might have. Amazing! Welcome! What about winning lottery numbers.

I’m becoming weary. But start building the new vendors mall on the old Co-op bank Stabroek site!

’Til next week!

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