Second suspect held over $22M cambio dealer robbery

The police in Berbice have held a second suspect in connection with the robbery of the Number 79 cambio dealer Davendra Churaman, from whom bandits stole over $22 million in local and foreign currency last month.

“We have a suspect in custody and we are continuing with the investigation,” Crime Chief of ‘B’ Division Gary McAllister told Stabroek News yesterday. According to McAllister, the suspect was arrested two days ago.

On December 19, Clive Van Lewin, 18, of Sand Hills, Berbice, was charged with the robbery. Van Lewin, who allegedly robbed Churaman of $22.5 million while in the company of others and armed with a gun, was not required to plead to the charge and he was remanded to prison.

Churaman had told Stabroek News that five men gained entry to his home by breaking his front window and removing his iron grill with a sledgehammer. Neighbours had related that nine men stood guard outside and repeatedly discharged rounds in an effort to deter residents from rushing to Churaman’s aid. The five men who invaded the cambio dealer’s home had held him at gunpoint and fired off several shots in the home, before Churaman complied with their demands. The bandits were armed with AK-47s, among other weapons.

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