Land at Plantation Ruimveldt sold by State Planning Secretariat

The State Planning Secretariat recently concluded a sale of land and property at Plantation Ruimveldt and Government holding company NICIL completed the transfer of properties including two to the Assemblies of God Church.

According to orders posted on the online Official Gazette, the State Planning Secretariat concluded an agreement of sale and purchase on October 31, 2016 for property. The property is described as parcel 575 and consists of one-tenth of an acre at Plantation Ruimveldt with buildings and erections thereon. The sale was made to Stanley Anthony Noble of Aubrey Barker Road, South Ruimveldt Park. The property is now deemed as transferred to the purchaser. There was no information in the order on the price paid. The Order was made under The Public Corporations Act and was signed by Minister of Finance Winston Jordan on December 1st, 2016. Four other orders were also signed by the minister on this date.

Under Order 23 of 2016, the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) transferred two properties to The Assemblies of God Church of Lot 210 Lance Gibbs and New Garden streets, Georgetown. The order said that a Deed of Gift was entered into between NICIL and the church on February 18th, 2011.  Both lots are described as portions of the former golf course of the frontlands of Plantation Fair’s Rust in Linden. Both lots are 0.2 of an acre each.

Order 22 of 2016 under NICIL relates to an agreement of 28th July, 2003 between Linmine and the purchaser, Joseph Barnes of Constabulary Compound, Mackenzie, Linden. The property transferred is part of the frontlands of Plantation Noitgedacht in Linden and its size is 0.07 of an acre.

Order 21 of 2016 relates to a January 7, 1997 agreement between Linmine and the purchaser, Lambert Bentinck of Constabulary Compound, Mackenzie, Linden. The land in question is part of the frontlands of Plantation Noitgedacht in Linden. It comprises 0.1 of an acre.

Order 20 of 2016 pertains to an agreement between Linmine and Rawle Chin of Moraballi Street, Retrieve, Linden. It relates to a portion of land at Plantation Fair’s Rust, Linden amounting to 0.35 of an acre.

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