Number 77 welder killed in Springlands collision

The Toyota Fielder, PNN 7736, which collided head on with Irshad Mamood

A Number 77 Village, Corentyne family is now mourning the loss of a son, who lost his life in a head-on collision around 8.30 pm on Sunday in Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice.

Irshad Mamood, 20, of Lot 51 Number 77 Village, a welder at the Skeldon Estate, was riding his motorcycle and attempting to enter Sukhpaul’s Gas Station in Springlands, when he collided head on with a Toyota Fielder. The result of the impact saw him being pitched some 30 feet away.

Mamood’s girlfriend, Reshma Ramdatt, 18, with whom he had been living for just over a week, witnessed the entire incident. Ramdatt was sitting in front of the gas station, when Mamood rode further up the road to speak with an acquaintance. She said, “He been sit down pon the bike and somebody come for him and he gone with the bike and when he come back the car knock he.

“He been deh come back when a car a come been a go turn in Sukhpaul and the car knock am and he pitch and he fall and he start bleed through he nose.”

At the time of the incident Mamood was not wearing a helmet. According to relatives, since he was not heading far up the road he had left the helmet with his girlfriend at the gas station.

Meanwhile, Mamood’s mother, Violet Kanhai, 40, said she was in Georgetown visiting her mother when she received the news. “Me husband say okay he going hospital. When he go there he call me and tell me the motorbike write off and them get he in the room. Then he call me back and tell me that me son dead on spot…,” she said. “Like he neck break, because people say he na get no scratch, just he neck have a mark.”

According to Kanhai, her son and his girlfriend were planning to wed on April 30. In tears, the woman noted that her son did not get to fulfil this dream and he was denied the opportunity to live his life to the fullest of his potential.

Meanwhile, the driver of the gold-coloured Toyota Fielder which collided with Mamood, PNN 7736, fled the scene without rendering assistance. However, police were able to intercept him in a car yesterday morning. A source close to the investigation told Stabroek News that the driver of the car, who resides in Number 64 Village, Corentyne, claimed that he was on his way to the Springlands Police Station to turn himself in, when the lawmen placed him under arrest.

Mamood’s body is currently at the Skeldon Hospital mortuary. He was described as always being helpful, caring and loving. He leaves his mother, father, brother, girlfriend and other relatives and friends to mourn.

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