GA-FDD in moves to enforce importation standards

Effective August 1 this year all importers of drugs, cosmetics and medical devices will be required to present an Original Free Sale and/or Health Certificate, the Government Analyst-Food and Drug Department (GA-FDD) announced yesterday.

The department said that letters to this effect will be dispatched to all registered importers of these products that are in its database.

According to a press release, the imports must be accompanied by an Original Free Sale and/or Health Certificate that has been issued by the competent authority in the country of origin in the prescribed form.

The information provided by the Free Sale and/or Health Certificate, the release said must  include: name and address of consignor, name and address of consignee, the certificate number, description of the product, quantity of the product, mode of transportation, attestation from the competent authority, official signature and the organization or authority stamp.

This requirement is according to the Laws of Guyana Food and Drug Act, Cap 34:03, Section 32(II) and the Food and Drug Regulations, regulation 13, the release added.

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