Rotaract Club of Stabroek hosts comedy and fashion show

-to raise funds for community projects

The Rotaract Club of Stabroek will be hosting a fundraising event tomorrow  filled with comedy, cocktails and catwalk-ready fashion pieces, as it tries to secure funding for its community development projects, including the rehabilitation of a Shirley Field-Ridley playground.

The community service project, once completed, will see the playground being equipped with benches, swing sets, a seesaw, lights, fencing, and an access bridge.

Towards this end, the Club will be hosting Comedy, Cocktails, Catwalk, slated for 7pm on Saturday, at the Herdmanston Lodge. It will feature three veteran comedians, Henry Rodney, Kirt Alphie Williams (stage name “Chubby”) and Lyndon “Jumbie” Jones, alongside fashion designers Brooke Glasford, Mark Junor and Paul Burnette.

Members of the Rotaract Club of Stabroek clearing the Shirley Field-Ridley playground.

Jacia Marcus, the Club’s Finance Director, explained that the event’s unique concept came out of a desire to combine two forms of entertainment that are not usually experienced in harmony.

The reputations of the featured comedians precede them as they have been integrally involved in local theatre and comedy productions for a number of years, and, therefore, the audience can expect performances that are relevant and witty.

As far as fashion goes, Glasford explained that the pieces she will display tomorrow will be a “marriage” between her office-ready workwear collection and a resort collection inspired by a trip to Mexico. “It utilizes stretchy cotton blends for perfectly fitted work dresses and bright airy fabrics for a sultry, tropical feel,” the designer explained.

The Rotaract Club of Stabroek members.

Burnette said his collection “Mood” will carry pieces ranging from modest to seductive and he noted that the pieces are a reflection of the feelings of the person wearing them.

Junor’s lineup will merge pieces from his 2017 summer and spring collections, dubbed “Epiphany of Mark” and “Sparkle Paradise.”

Tickets to the event cost $4,000 and can be bought through the group’s Facebook page, “Rotaract Club of Stabroek.” Ticket purchases can also be made through contact with the club’s Community Service Director Chinyere Dennis on 601-7920, or Jamar Marcus on 679-0585. The purchase of a ticket will guarantee patrons a complimentary cocktail.

Marcus expressed thanks to Herdmanston Lodge and Storm Talent Agency, which have both come on board to offer sponsorship for the event.

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