Subraj Foundation team to do corneal transplants

The Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) is again hosting the Subraj Foundation Transplantation Team on their 25th Mission to Guyana up to July 30th and corneal transplants are to be done.

A release from the GPHC said that the team intends to perform a series of corneal transplant surgeries at the GPHC. The team headed by Dr. Rahul Jindal came to Guyana having already performed 26 kidney transplants. The team has facilitated the completion of 41 corneal transplants at GPHC since 2015. About 70% of the patients thus far have been doing fairly well with clear corneas post-transplant, the release added.

Dr. Joseph Pasternak, the visiting Corneal Specialist Surgeon will be performing corneal transplants at GPHC along with local Ophthalmologists Dr. Celeste Hinds and Dr. Shailendra Sugrim. Dr Stephen Waller, retired Corneal Specialist, a key member of the team, will also be visiting. He has been instrumental in procuring donations of human corneal tissues from eye banks in the USA.

The release said that this corneal transplant mission is entirely funded by the Subraj Foundation Transplant Team, which was founded by the late George Subraj. The team is also planning on donating kidney transplant instruments to the GPHC Nephrology Department.

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