Regularisation of North Timehri to begin once lands handed over to CH&PA – Patterson-Yearwood

One of the residents raising a question (DPI photo)

The regularisation of lands in North Timehri will begin once the lands are handed over to the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

The Department of Public Information (DPI) said that this was stated by Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Valerie Patterson-Yearwood during an outreach in the community at the Timehri Prison Sports Complex on Saturday.

Residents from North Timehri at the meeting (DPI photo)

DPI said that the Minister explained that the lands on which residents are squatting come under the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission (GLSC) and the Ministry of Public Infrastruc-ture. Further, she said, the lands would first have to be transferred from GLSC to CH&PA before the process of regularising the squatters could begin.

According to the minister, CH&PA “would have to go check the lands out, ensure that it is suitable for housing and then we would have to have the plans drawn up along with the Guyana Lands and Survey Commission and then we can get moving.”

DPI said that the residents were sternly warned to desist from further squatting in the community.

“Those of you who are already there, we are saying to you be vigilant and do not allow new squatters to come on board… why I say do not allow new squatting because we are going to develop lands and allocate to you in the legal way”, the Minister told the residents.

The residents were told that CH&PA will be visiting the community from November 6 to commence affixing lot numbers for homes. On a request from the residents, the Minister said that a team from CH&PA will be returning on November 14 and 15 to address their needs, DPI said.

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