‘I have never rigged an election in my life’ – President

President David Granger last Friday dismissed suggestions that in keeping with his commitment to the ideals of the late president and founder of the People’s National Congress Reform’s (PNCR) Forbes Burnham that elections could be rigged.

“I have never rigged an election in my life. I have no intention of ever doing so,” Granger said during a press conference even as he expressed ignorance that rigged elections were an ideal of Burnham.

He made these comments after being asked to respond to some who say that his commitment to the ideas and ideals of Burnham could see a return of rigged elections which were a feature of the PNC between 1978 and 1985.

Granger used the opportunity to speak glowingly of Burnham. He said that when he spoke of the late leader he focused on the ideals which he implanted in the PNCR, the party he founded as well as dedication to the construction of the various multilateral schools at Anna Regina, New Amsterdam and North Ruimveldt.

He said that he also speaks about infrastructure inclusive of the Demerara Harbour Bridge, the Canje Bridge, the international airport as well as housing.

“I think he has made a contribution and I have no compunction about admitting that. Those are ideals which have served the nation well. If you know what Guyana was like in 1964, you’d realized by 1974 we had made tremendous strides and I’ve also referred to those achievements but as far as the rigging of elections I don’t see how that is applicable to anything I have said or intend to do,” Granger stated.



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