Committee to receive complaints against lawyers reconstituted

From left to right (standing) are Emily Dodson, Robin Stoby, Dionne Mc Cammon, Narendra Singh, Kim Kyte-Thomas, Ayana Mc Calman (representative of the Attorney General), Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards, Kamal Ramkarran, Andrew Pollard and Devindra Kissoon. From left to right (sitting) are Tracy Gibson, Faye Barker-Meredith and Mandisa Breedy. 

The Legal Practitioners Committee (LPC) was yesterday reconstituted and persons who feel aggrieved against an Attorney-at-Law may lodge a complaint with the Secretary of the body, Jewel Campbell, at the Court of Appeal in Kingston, Georgetown.

According to a release yesterday via the Guyana Bar Association, Chancellor (ag.), of the Judiciary,  Justice Yonette Cummings-Edwards appointed 12 Attorneys-at-Law as members of the LPC after consultation with the Bar Association.

The release said that the 12 members  are Robin Stoby, SC., Rafiq Khan, SC, Emily Dodson,  Andrew Pollard, Teni Housty, Tracy Gibson, Moenudin Mc Doom,  Narendra Singh, Devindra Kissoon,  Dionne Mc Cammon,  Mandisa Breedy and Faye Barker-Meredith. In addition, the Attorney General, Basil Williams SC and the Solicitor General, Kim Kyte-Thomas are ex officio members of the Committee.

The release said that the members of the Committee will hold office for three years from yesterday after which the life of the Committee as constituted expires.

The Committee shall sit in two divisions of seven members each. Division 1 shall be chaired by Stoby and Division 2 shall be chaired by Pollard.

The release noted that the LPC is the body established under the Legal Practitioners Act, Chapter 4:01 which is charged with hearing and determining complaints against Attorneys-at-Law with disciplinary powers.

In brief comments to the Committee, Justice Cummings-Edwards, thanked the Attorneys at Law for their service and encouraged them to make recommendations for the strengthening of disciplinary powers over Attorneys-at-Law, the release said. 

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