Is the Guyana Learning Channel confusing children?

Dear Editor,

Is the Guyana Learning Channel acquainted with the Guyana Mathematics Curriculum Guides and the Interactive Radio Instruction Programme?

On Wednesday, April 5, I watched a part of a Mathematics programme on the Guyana Learning Channel at around 18:30 hrs. The programme presented exercises in dimes and nickels and a unit (feet) outside of metric units far away from curriculum expectations.

These exercises are not in alignment with the local Mathematics Curriculum Guides which promote the metric units of measurement with no reference to dimes and nickels. I may be wrong on the grounds that the Ministry of Education may have reviewed the Mathematics curriculum to cater for the imperial system as well as dimes and  nickels.

Is the Guyana Learning Channel confusing our children if it is not adhering to the official curriculum?

Yours faithfully,

Krishna Nand Prasad

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