Nothing new in Region Two

Dear Editor,

In response to a letter published in the Stabroek News on April 6 captioned ‘Region 2 State House has been restored’, I wish to state clearly that the writer, Mr Elroy Stephney, is an employee of the Region Two administration at Anna Regina and is somewhat blind about what is happening in the region in terms of development.

The writer spoke about structural projects, but I have not seen anything new since the APNU+AFC government took office almost two years ago. I know development under the government’s capital and current programmes has to continue, but apart from that, what is new that the Regional Executive Officer (REO) must be commended for?

The boss of the region is the Regional Chairman (RC), and the credit for any major development work that is happening in the region must go to the Regional Chairman and not the REO. The region is led by the RC and therefore leadership comes from him and not the REO. What I do know about this REO is that he loves to plant flowers and construct white elephant parks. One of the parks is situated at Exmouth. No one knows why the park was established. I want to ask Mr Stephney why there is no notice board at the Exmouth Park to tell the public how much taxpayers’ money was spent, who the contractor was and who the beneficiaries will be, since to date there is nothing going on there. It is a waste of taxpayer dollars. Is that sound leadership?

The residents in the area were never consulted on the project.

The writer said the REO had managed to gradually enhance the physical landscape in many villages and especially in the township. However, many villages have not seen any development; drains are overgrown with weeds and infested with reptiles and mosquitoes. Where is the sound leadership from the REO?

Look at Anna Regina. How many citizens approve of planting palm trees along the road shoulders? The days of palm trees are gone. Why not plant fruit trees or coconut trees, so at least the people can get something to eat? He should tell the public how many taxpayer dollars were spent to buy palm trees and build a fence around the plant. Again, a waste of money; is that sound leadership? Region Two needs solid development, not flowering plants and parks.

This government and the REO have done nothing for the farmers. And after two years in government now the REO has found out what is happening at Suddie hospital. How come he took so long? Where is the sound leadership?

For me the leadership of the REO is pushing the region further down; people are fed up, businesses are going down, the cost of living is rising, there is no market for produce. People are now questioning the competence of the APNU+AFC government and are largely awaiting the 2020 election to make their decision: we need a change ‒ bring back the PPP/C.

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Singh

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