SN report was disappointing after President made commitment to Chenapau Toshao

Dear Editor,

We are responding to the recent article published in Stabroek News on the 28th June, 2017 with the caption ‘GPS confirms that dredges were operating in Kaieteur National Park’.

If your report is indeed true, we find it strange and disappointing at a time when President David Granger made a commitment to the Chenapau Toshao at the recent Commission of Inquiry, about mining, governance and protected areas and the establishment of an independent, impartial investigation team. As a humble nation we will respect and await the findings on this crucial and critical sensitive issue before we release any media or press statements. It must be noted, however, an observation was made about the incompetence of some persons managing the Kaieteur National Park and who are probably misleading and giving poor advice to the President. At present we honour the President’s commitment on this sensitive issue and we will refrain from issuing any public statement until this investigation comes to an end.

We hope that the Kaieteur National Park Commissioners and Chairperson honour the President’s commitment, and stop pussyfooting with people’s lives and act more professionally.

Yours faithfully,
Ashley Norville
For Chenapau Village
Upper Potaro River
Region 8

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