GTT has no customer service

Dear Editor,

It is with disappointment and dissatisfaction that I write this letter. Once again, the customer service and satisfaction sector in this country is failing each and every Guyanese day after day. One such company with no customer service is GTT. I have been a loyal customer of GTT for many years, and it astonishing the type of service that is received for being loyal. GTT has recently launched their blaze. In doing this, they have inconvenienced every household with DSL and landline services within the Eccles area, with systems completely shut down from July 16 to July 18, 2017. Although most people in the area had services restored in the early morning of July 18, my household along with others have been left without services right up until today. I have called and filed a report with GTT and have been following up on the status of my service daily. Here are some issues that I have been facing daily with GTT: 1) Their supervisors are too busy to take customer calls; 2) their technicians are roaming my area every single day but my issue is apparently not important; 3) their customer service representatives are blatantly rude; 4) when you use their Facebook page to file a public complaint, they automatically block you from further engagement. It is frustrating that two weeks later, no technician has yet been assigned to handle my issue and resolve it.

Yours faithfully,

Darshini Balac

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