Government should rescind the pernicious education tax

Dear Editor,

The saga of the VAT on private education has not gone away and will not go away until this government sees the light of day and the unfairness of this imposition of a tax on learning.  The effect of this in reality is to say to the public: We don’t want you to learn, we don’t want you to be educated, unless you pay us for the privilege.

The arguments for and against private education have been aired over and over again but I think the final word is to ask the question, if all the private school pupils were to present themselves at the public schools, could the government handle the situation?  And I think that the answer to that is a very clear No!  So, private education must assist.

I am given to understand that government is considering rescinding this tax in November.  This is of course too late for the start of the Autumn term, but anything is better than nothing.  I really, really hope that government is serious this time when they say they will revoke this pernicious tax.

A tax-free education is the sign of an educated nation!

Yours faithfully,

Peter Bouchard

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