Dear Editor,

It was a brilliant morning. Motoring into La Bonne Intention Estate on this November day, the last, I could not help observing the designs of the overhead clouds, vividly white, clear, the glistening edges reflecting the sun’s rays which reached out, as if to say ‘have a good day’!

Indeed it was a wish, perhaps a greeting, which was so badly needed tao relieve the gloom that enshrouded the spirit over recent turbulent days and sleepless nights. There just was no one else with whom to share the engulfing sadness caused by the departure, too soon, of a soul from a lasting embrace.

Those enlightening clouds sent a special message of hope, relief surging through memories of life well lived, and better loved. The glimmering edges spoke to earlier, brighter times of lives twinned, not only in promises, but in their substantive fulfilment. These bright shapes poured light on reminiscences, of partnerships which renewed, and even created, institutions whose leaders, and followers, heralded their living values.

The floss-like contours kept changing, once more marking the breadth and depth of programmes which spanned countries, organisations, and other client populations, who all acknowledged the inspiration to their own development.

Once more the brilliant LBI morning clouds parted, as if to emphasize a shared sense of separation; and then just on the brink, conscious of that feeling of loneliness, closed again, rising, into a mountainous peak which spirits could climb again, retracing the transcending path of two lives.

Oh for the clouds of La Bonne Intention!

Yours faithfully,

E B John

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