Figueira upset with state of football in UDFA

Jermaine Figueira, a former executive of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA) and current APNU/AFC Parliamentarian is upset at the state of football in Upper Demerara.

“Football in the Upper Demerara association is at a dismal low. Players are losing interest in the game and nothing of value is being done to ignite or spark the interest and love of the game the players once had.”

Figueira laid the blame squarely at the feet of the UDFA.

“The association has not done anything of significance to aid in the promotion of the sport in a substantial way. What in the UDFA is being done to nurture the next generation of players who want to play football?

“Why hasn’t there been a properly structured youth league or several levels of knockout tournaments?”

According to Figueira the UDFA only seems to be interested in the year-end football tournament.

Jermaine Figueira

“The association has been void of an association’s league for its senior players and it appears that the association’s interest is only in the year-end tournament that doesn’t do much for the long term benefit of players. Presently no club in the UDFA has been registered for the CONCACAF Club License despite training and three deadlines given by the federation. The proposed 10-club league by the GFF (Guyana Football Federation) is likely to begin without the presence of a club from the UDFA,” Figueira declared.

Figueira also took issue with the recent Electoral Congress of the UDFA.

“This year the association constitutionally was expected to hold its election for the various post but I’m of the view it was intentionally not held for reasons only those in office can provide.

“What it is with people and position or so-called power? It is self-evident that the present executives are not working in a manner that is in the best interest of promoting the game at all levels. Most of the players will agree that the association’s executives are contributing to the lowest ebb of interest from present and potential players of this beautiful game.”

“Why hold on to a position while being conscious that you do not have the time or the ability to get the work done, all to the detriment of the players and the game itself?

“That is just plain selfish! This association happens to be in a community that love this game but sadly that love is fading every day by the inaction of selfish egotistical leaders who have sight and no vision. Enough is enough!” he said.

However, Terrence Mitchell, President of the Upper Demerara Football Association (UDFA), said the entity is not scheduled to stage an Electoral Congress this year and that the next election date is set for 2019.

Mitchell was elected to the top post of the UDFA, following an early Electoral Congress held May 13 at the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) Building. He replaced then interim president Claude Williams.

The recently elected body comprises first vice-president (VP) Williams, second vice-president Patrick Dey, third vice president  Kellon Josiah, secretary Tracey Liverpool, public relations officer, Verona Hunter, treasurer Hansworth Barratt, assistant secretary/treasurer Dillet Marville, organizing secretary James Trotman and committee members Clyde Brusche, Mark Richards and Cleon Haynes.

According to Mitchell, “We already had an election on the 13th of May [2017]. The new executive is already in operation since then, it’s a two year term and they will be no election this year and next year until 2019.”

He added, “It was an early election, it was supposed to be held in October but we had an executive dissolved and had to have immediate election and a new executive was elected.”

Asked if the GFF was present at the election, Mitchell said, “They were present and recognizes the body.”

He added that the congress was attended by many of the clubs under the umbrella of the UDFA.

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