Wu replaces Executive Committee with Executive Bureau

-appoints Ninvalle to new committee

Steve Ninvalle, President of the Guyana Boxing Association (GBA), has officially been appointed International Boxing Association (AIBA) Executive Bureau Member following a decision by the president of AIBA Dr Ching Kuo Wu to disband the Executive Committee.

The Executive Bureau which replaces the previous AIBA Executive Committee, is made up of only four individuals and will have the task of charting the course and vision for the sport globally.

The sport had been plunged into controversy following a no confidence motion against Wu by the AIBA Executive Committee which then set up an Interim Management Committee.

Steve Ninvalle

Ninvalle had organised a meeting for the Caribbean boxing administrators to discuss the situation. However the meeting did not come off.

“As you are aware, the institutional and operational activities of AIBA have been jeopardized by the recent, contested, decisions by the Executive Committee to form the stillborn Interim Management Committee (IMC), and decisions of the latter to claim for itself all duties and powers vested in the AIBA President and Executive Director by the AIBA Statutes,” Wu wrote.

“These decisions were taken in complete contradiction with the AIBA Statutes that the Swiss Court rejected on September 22nd 2017. As per the provisions of article 40.3 of AIBA Statutes, the EC Bureau shall function in place of the Executive Committee for all matters requiring settlement between two meetings of the Executive Committee.

“In view of the above, I have decided to appoint you as EC Bureau member with immediate effect, in accordance with Article 39.2 (E) of the AIBA Statutes.”

The correspondence concluded, “I trust that your dedication to AIBA and the sports of boxing in general, as well as your personal and professional qualities, will be a great asset to this important AIBA organ and I am looking forward to working with you.”

Ninvalle during an invited comment said, “I am humbled, honoured and surprised at the appointment. I am surprised that out of 202 countries affiliated to AIBA, Guyana could have been chosen for such an important organ. I am honoured that AIBA has the confidence in my ability to administrate at such a high level.”

He added, “It is my humble belief that the Caribbean is going through a renaissance in the sport of boxing. This appointment is just a small part of the larger picture. It’s an achievement for Guyana and the Caribbean.”

Following the announcement of Ninvalle’s appointment, several leaders, past and present from the Caribbean boxing family praised the decision of the AIBA leadership.

Former head of the Caribbean Amateur Boxing Association and Grenada Boxing Association Ralph James said that “Ninvalle has shown sound judgement throughout his presidency and in particular over the last two and a half years since his election to the executive committee of the  the International Boxing Association -AIBA. He is indeed an intelligent man and with resources at his disposal, boxing can reach new heights.”

According to Fraser, “All of Guyana ought to be extremely proud of this man as we are in the Region. This appointment means that he will be part of the decision making team that will impact Olympic Style Boxing globally. We ought to give him all the support he needs.”

“What’s most interesting is that 2018 has been declared the year of The Caribbean by the AIBA, and a Caribbean man will be steering the ship. This is also a very courageous and progressive move by President of AIBA Dr C. K. Wu who must be congratulated as well, he’s a man of vision. Well done Steve, we are extremely proud of this tremendous achievement,” he concluded.

Similarly, Cecil Forde, President of the Trinidad and Tobago Boxing Association said, “The Association pledges our full support to Mr. Ninvalle; who in his short period in the sport of boxing has shown great leadership qualities and; has represented the Caribbean well through hard work and determination. We look forward to working alongside Mr. Ninvalle as we foresee the successful future growth of boxing within the Caribbean and wishes Mr. Ninvalle all the best in his future goals and endeavours.”

Stephen Jones, President of the Jamaica Boxing Association said, “It’s a wonderful time to be a part of the boxing fraternity in the Caribbean. There is a lot happening in our region where the sport is concerned and I would be hard pressed to believe that it is by accident and not design. The communication channels between our federations are more active than ever before and this being led by our elected member in charge, Guyana Amateur Boxing President, Mr. Steve Ninvalle.”

Jones declared, “Although there are 202 member federations worldwide, the boxing community is a small one and a ripple in any pond can go a long way, so it’s extremely encouraging to see that the waves that we have been making in our region have not gone unnoticed by the top brass of the sports’ governing body, AIBA.”

He said, “Still beaming from Mr. Ninvalle’s election to the executive committee of AIBA three years ago, being the first Caribbean representative to do so, mind you, we are now on the verge of even higher heights now with his appointment to the Executive bureau. Make no bones about it, an elevation of any kind for one of us in the region is an elevation for all and I for one am over the moon not only because we have a trusted member in one of the highest seats, but we have the right member. Steve understands not just the needs for our region but the needs for the sport on a whole and this augers well for everybody…Kudos to Mr. Steve Ninvalle, Kudos to Guyana boxing, Kudos to the Caribbean family and kudos to a hand well played by AIBA.”

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