Black Pearl/GFC play to stalemate in GFA league

Newly promoted unit Black Pearl FC held Georgetown Football Club (GFC) to a 1-1 draw, when the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) 2017/2018 League continued yesterday.

Black Pearl took the surprise lead at the GFC ground, Bourda, as Devon Henry found the back of the net in the 13th minute. However Curtez Kellman leveled proceedings to avoid an embarrassing defeat via an 18th minute conversion.

Meanwhile, Santos FC climbed into the second position in the standings, downing Pele 2-0. Ryan October and Ronnell Roberts scored in the 41st and 76th minute apiece.

Also, Riddim Squad secured their first win of the tournament, edging Beacons by a 1-0 score line compliments of a Wendell Joseph strike in the 19th minute.

Complete Results


GFC-1 vs Black Pearl-1

Black Pearl Scorer

Devon Henry-13th

GFC Scorer

Curtez Kellman-18th


Riddim Squad-1 vs Beacons-0

Wendell Joseph-19th


Santos-2 vs Pele-0

Ryan October-41st

Ronnell Roberts-76th

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