Corporate Supplies, Print Smart and the business acumen of Derron Adams

Linden businessman Derron Adams

If you look hard enough and for all the ‘tough times’ associated with doing business in Linden there are still a number of micro and small businesses run by proprietors who simply refuse to ‘throw in the towel.’ They have grown used to the peaks and troughs associated with entrepreneurship in a township that has had to readjust from an economic culture centred around wage labour.

Derron Adams, an executive member of the Linden Chamber of Commerce and Industry is currently in his twelfth year as the owner and manager of Corporate Supplies which he started in 2006. The business is situated in the building of the Linden Enterprise Network (LEN) , 97-98 Republic Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden.

 It would never have happened, he believes, had he not taken a deliberate decision to fashion an enterprise that derived from thinking outside of the box…..

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