Region Six Chairman wants bulldozer probe

-used machine presented with painted over model no.

At its first statutory meeting for  2018 on Thursday, Chairman of  Region Six, David Armogan called for a thorough investigation into the purchase of a bulldozer after the machine arrived at the Council’s compound in a somewhat used state.

The Regional Executive Officer of Region Six, Kim Stephens had explained that the administration is still waiting documentation from the supplier, which ultimately means the machine does not belong to the region as yet.

Meanwhile, according to information gathered, some $20M was approved in the 2017 budget for the purchase of the machine in an effort to assist farmers in the region.

However, when the machine arrived at the Regional Democratic Council compound last Wednesday it was observed that it was used and was partially covered in mud.

Armogan said  that he noticed that the machine seems to be a D3 Caterpillar Bulldozer that had D4 painted over the D3 sign.

According to information gathered, the purchase budgeted in 2017 was for a D4 Caterpillar Bulldozer.

The chairman had also said that from the condition of the machine an additional estimated $6M would have to be spent to bring it to a state of proper operation to benefit the farmers.

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