Albion man accuses police of running over foot

An Albion, Corentyne man who is presently hospitalized in the New Amsterdam Public Hospital is accusing ranks attached to B Division of “running over” his foot during a mobile patrol on Sunday.

Inderjeet Ramjit of Lot 662 Toopoo, Albion, Corentyne, an Albion Estate employee and livestock farmer explained, that he left home Sunday morning to head to the Albion backdam to “cut grass” for his livestock. Ramjit said he was heading out of the Albion School Road when he noticed a police pick-up which was travelling on the main road suddenly turn into the street in pursuit of him. “Them police see me with the grass and them come and hit me from front and nah blow from me or nothing, knock me just so, and ride over me one foot, nearly mash me head”, he alleged.

The man said to his dismay the two female ranks seated in the vehicle showed no remorse and instead they reportedly told the driver, “he playing tricks, throw him in the jeep back”.

According to Ramjit, residents of the area and the rank who was driving the vehicle placed him in the pick-up and they proceeded to the Port Mourant Hospital, where he was left. “I give the nurse me home number and she call home and tell me family”.

Ramjit who sustained a broken right leg is presently a patient at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital. His relatives noted that doctors have indicated that surgery might have to be performed to replace his broken bones with “steel” in an attempt to make his leg functional again.

Inderjeet Ramjit

Ramjit said, “Them just throw me and lef’ me. Even if dem did coming after me for something, that’s how you deal with people? I don’t even know why they were coming”.

Stabroek News was able to confirm with residents of the area that at the time of the incident, one male and two female ranks were present in the vehicle, which is attached to the Rose Hall Outpost.

Meanwhile, another relative noted, that the police have not been in contact with the family so as to ascertain Ramjit’s condition. “The day we meet hospital two traffic rank come and ask where the motorcycle deh but we was so busy with him [Ramjit], we didn’t even know what was going on, the motorcycle lef where the accident happen, we don’t have it, that’s all them concern about like”, the woman said.

Meanwhile, Commander of B Division, Lyndon Alves when contacted explained, that the police were on patrol in Toopoo, Corentyne, when the alleged accident transpired. “This man was seen riding a motorcycle, proceeding south along the road and the police vehicle was proceeding behind him”. According to Alves, “… the police is alleging that he had bundle of grass on the motorcycle handle and as the police vehicle attempted to overtake the motorcycle, the motorcycle handle hit the right side of the police vehicle fender, causing him to fall to the ground and the motorcycle also fell on him”.

Alves noted, that presently the matter is being investigated as a “normal traffic offence”. He stressed, that if ranks are found to be at fault then they will likely be placed before the court.

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