Motorbike crash victims were not wearing helmets – police

Berket King

Neither of the two persons who died in the motorcycle accident on Saturday night was wearing a helmet, the police confirmed yesterday.

Around 10 pm on Saturday, 24-year-old Berket King was riding his CBR motorcycle with pillion rider, Mauava Chase, 25, an immigration officer, along the Houston Public Road, East Bank Demerara.

King reportedly lost control of his bike, slammed into a utility post on the median on the road, and both were thrown onto the other side of the road, suffering severe injuries. King died on the spot and Chase was rushed to the hospital where she died while receiving treatment.

Mauava Chase

This newspaper was  told that King had only recently acquired the motorcycle. According to a source close to the family, late last year King opted to sell his car and purchase the CBR motorcycle and has been riding ever since.

The source said that “relative inexperience” might have been a factor that resulted in the accident and the lack of helmets why it was fatal.

“CBRs aren’t like the normal motorcycles. The degree in which you can turn the handle to make the bike turn is significantly less, so when a rider is taking deep turns he has to shift the weight of the bike to the respective side. At the speed at which he might have been taking the corner he might have had to drop the bike very low and which might have resulted in him losing control and slamming into the pole,” the source explained.


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