Doctors strike at Skeldon Hospital over drug supplies

A high-level meeting is planned for today following yesterday’s ‘sit-in’ by  physicians attached to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department of the Skeldon Hospital, Region Six (East Berbice/ Corentyne), according to a release yesterday from the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) .

The release said that the ‘sit-in’ didn’t disrupt operations in other parts of the hospital.

Alex Foster, the point person for the Public Health Ministry in Region Six said the A&E physicians were upset that critical supplies were unavailable to treat their patients forcing them to take industrial action.

Last week, nurses at the Linden Hospital Complex also took industrial action over the shortage of drugs.

The two incidents will raise questions again about the ministry’s supply chain management despite numerous assurances that the drug distribution system was in better shape.

MOPH Permanent Secretary, Collette Adams and other Ministry officials are mystified by Monday’s industrial action by the Skeldon Hospital physicians. Adams said the hospital received supplies from the Materials Management Unit (MMU) last Thursday, the release said.

She added that no hospital authority or the doctors complained to the Ministry or the Union about a shortage of supplies at the A&E.

Today’s talks involving “all the stakeholders” are expected to pave the way for a return to duty by the striking A&E physicians, Foster said via a telephone interview.

The medical supplies are expected at the Skeldon Hospital this  morning, the release added.

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