Couple battered in NA robbery

A woman and her partner were injured last evening after they were beaten and robbed in front of their Charles Place, New Amsterdam business.

Two men, including one armed with a gun, pounced on Nareesha Khan, 20 and her husband Faraz Khan, 22, of Stanleytown, New Amsterdam, who operate a lotto booth at the location.

The attack occurred shortly after 7.30 pm.

Sunday Stabroek was told that the men carted away the day’s sales, two cellphones and a GTT top up machine with $32,000 credit.

A lotto booth, internet cafe and general store are located in the bottom flat of the building, in front of which the attack occurred.

This newspaper was told that the couple had just secured their lotto booth and were standing in front of the premises when the two perpetrators walked by and then suddenly turned back and attacked.

The perpetrator with the firearm reportedly pushed the woman to the wall and dealt her several blows to her head with the gun and during the course of the beating the weapon discharged a round. The woman sustained cuts to her forehead and to the right side and back of her head.

Her husband also received a blow to the face.

Both were taken to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, where they were treated.

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