Major contracts awarded for road works

Almost $1B in contracts for road works, several of which pertain to the rehabilitation of hinterland arteries were recently noted by Cabinet.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon on Friday during a post-Cabinet press briefing announced a long list of contracts recently awarded by the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board. The contracts were all noted by Cabinet at meetings held on April 16 and 23.

With regards to the hinterland roads, contracts to the tune of $59.9M, $46.3M and $88.9M were awarded to International Imports and Supplies for the rehabilitation of Barabina swamp road, Mabaruma; the road from Wanaina to Yarakita Landing, Barima-Waini (Region One) and the road from Karrau to Buckhall (Phase II, Blue Mountain to Buckhall) Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region Seven). Contracts to the tune of $52.2M and $126.0M were awarded to Mekdeci Machinery and Construction Incorporated for the of Bartica Potaro Road, St. Mary’s Quarry (Phase II), Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region Seven) and Issano Road (Phase II– White Hill to Issano Landing), Cuyuni-Mazaruni (Region Seven) respectively.

Colin Talbot Contracting Services was awarded a $30.5M contract for the construction of a road at Marfield, Friendship, East Bank Demerara.

Contracts were also awarded for the rehabilitation and construction of miscellaneous roads in Regions two, three and four.

K.P. Thomas and Sons Contracting Incorporated was awarded a $51.0M contract for the Lima Sands Access Roads; $15.9M to R. and B. Investment Incorporated for the Belle West Main Access Roads, West Bank Demerera (WBD); $25.5M to S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services for Old Road, La Grange, WBD; $32.2M to Colin Talbot Contracting Services for the Goedverwagting main access road and $12.7M to Handel Garnett construction firm for the Goedverwagting clay brick road.

Additionally contracts were awarded for the rehabilitation of several urban roads.

For roads in Mabaruma, Mohamed Ramzanalli Khan Construction was awarded a $90.5M contract; S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Co-nstruction Services, $61.1M for Duncan Street; Colin Talbot Contracting Services, $18.6M for Hugh Ghanie Park, East Coast Demerara; H. Nauth and Sons Civil Engineering Contractors, $24.9M and 76.6M for Lot 50, Stanleytown, New Amsterdam and Lethem township road network respectively and R. and B. Investment Incorporated, $16.9M and $75.8M for New Market Street, Rosehall and Bartica/Potaro roads respectively.

Meanwhile, a number of contracts were also awarded for the supply of road building materials. Three contracts valued in excess of $54.9M were awarded to B.K. International Incorpor-ated for materials totalling 15,000 tons while S. Jagmohan Hardware Supplies and Construction Services and C. B. Nateram were awarded contract in varying amounts for the supply of drums and bitumen.

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