Region Nine Chairman adamant Pirara Bridge needs major work

The Pirara Bridge

Chairman of Region 9, Bryan Allicock on Friday reinforced calls to have major works done on the Pirara Bridge in the Rupununi, which he says is currently in a deplorable condition.

Speaking to Stabroek News, Allicock said that the bridge is still standing but it is a risk to all persons who traverse the bridge regularly.  “It has been like that for quite some time now and it was strengthened a while ago. All that was done is the running boards were changed and repaired but no major works has been done since then and everything is falling to pieces. All they do is paint over the bridge and put some lights, and most of them already destroyed,” Allicock said.

He emphasised that despite many calls being made to the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, no major work has been done on the bridge and most of the residents are scared to cross the bridge.

“The minibuses are okay but the heavy-duty vehicles that are bringing ten and twenty tonnes of cargo is a concern. It’s a risk they are taking. We are telling them constantly but no one is taking the heed. Maybe they are waiting for someone to probably die before they address it,” Allicock added, while stating that there are also various other bridges in the Region that are in dire need of repairs.

Allicock’s comment followed a letter in the Stabroek News by a member of the public decrying the state of the bridge.

When contacted for a response, Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson said that no report was given to him by the engineer in the Region that the bridge was in a deplorable condition. However, he said if there is any development then the Ministry would “obviously look at it.”

Residents have complained that the bridge shakes severely when vehicles travel over it and are concerned that one day it might collapse if major works are not carried out.

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