Sophia contractor charged with manslaughter

-over killing of man who allegedly tried to steal bird

Peter Jansen

A city Magistrate yesterday granted $250,000 bail to a contractor, who was charged with unlawfully killing Shelton Jordan, who was fatally stabbed after an alleged attempt by him to steal a bird from the accused.

Peter Jansen was not required to enter a plea to the manslaughter charge read to him by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan.

The charge stated that Jansen, on May 1, at Sophia, Greater Georgetown unlawfully killed Jordan.

Jansen, 56, of Lot 134 Block `F’ North Sophia, was represented by attorney Latchmie Rahamat.

The attorney requested reasonable bail for the accused, stating that on the day in question the now deceased man attempted to rob the defendant, who instead of submitting decided to run. She noted that her client was chased onto the bridge of the Guyana Power and Light (GPL) power station where he pleaded with guards to let him in but they didn’t. Eventually, the attorney noted, Jordan caught up with her client and attacked him with a knife. Rahamat further stated that her client suffered several injuries, one of which he sustained to his leg and which is infected.

Shelton Jordan

According to the attorney, if Jansen did not defend himself he would be the one in the morgue.

Prosecutor, attorney Gordon Mansfield made no objection to bail being granted. He, however, requested that conditions be attached. He added that the file in relation to the matter is incomplete, noting that the post-mortem examination and blood samples are outstanding.

Chief Magistrate McLennan subsequently granted the accused $250,000 bail, with the conditions that he lodge his passport and reports to Corporal Bowen or the station sergeant at the Prashad Nagar Police Outpost every Friday until the completion of the matter.

The matter is expected to be called again on May 28.

According to reports, Jordan, 21, who was known as ‘Mickel’ and ‘Yankee’ of Lot 35 West La Penitence, had an argument with the defendant over a bird.

The fatal encounter occurred around 5.35 am in front of GPL’s power station at Ganges Street, Prashad Nagar where Jordan, who was riding in the area, reportedly attempted to snatch the man’s caged bird.

In a press statement, the police had said initial investigations revealed that the suspect and Jordan had an argument over the bird. It was alleged that Jordan stabbed the suspect on his hand, which resulted in a scuffle. Both men then reportedly fell to the ground, at which point the suspect allegedly proceeded to stab Jordan several times with a knife.

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