Kitty Roundabout slated for opening on Monday

The Kitty Roundabout, which is slated to be declared open on Monday.

The Kitty Roundabout is expected to be officially declared open on Monday, according to Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson, who says last minute work is being done to prevent drivers from “taking shortcuts.”

The roundabout was earmarked to be opened in time for the recent independence celebrations.

Patterson said yesterday that the structure has been completed but additional markings have to be added.

 “You will see the guys putting in stakes, because some innovative minibus drivers started to use some shortcuts across the landscaped areas and we are reinforcing that,” he explained.

With respect to what will be housed in the middle of the roundabout, Patterson said that it will be landscaped with flowers from around the Caribbean, and the ministry is currently exploring what type of model it will use, and whether or not  they will use corporate partners or have it contracted out.

He added that it is also still doing sensitisation around the country, i.e., teaching persons how to correctly use the structure, which is meant to create a free flow of traffic and reduce congestion.  

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