‘Nasty Man’ gets 51 years for murdering footballer 

Dellon Henry

Dellon Henry, called “Nasty Man,” was yesterday afternoon sentenced to 51 years in prison for the murder of East Ruimveldt footballer Dexter Griffith, who was shot and killed in front of his ‘Warlock’ home on September 29th, 2015.

The sentence was handed down at the Georgetown High Court by Justice Sandil Kissoon, following the presentation of a probation report in which the man continued to maintain his innocence.

The Probation and Social Services officer who presented the report said that in his interview with the 20-year-old, he denied any involvement in the crime for which he has been convicted.

Dexter Griffith

In his address to the court, defence attorney Adrian Thompson begged the judge for lenience and to temper justice with mercy, while noting that the alias by which his client is known may have adversely affected the outcome of the case against him.

For her part, however, Prosecutor Orinthia Schmidt asked the judge to impose “a substantial sentence,” while adding that a message needed to be sent to society that such acts of violence will not be condoned.

She further asked the court to consider the nature and prevalence of the offence committed, the fact that a gun was used and also the fact that the deceased had been shot six times.

“The jury has spoken,” the prosecutor reminded.

Justice Kissoon commenced sentence at a base of 50 years, from which he deducted three years for the time the convict had spent on remand awaiting trial.

To the remaining 47 years, the judge then added four years, citing aggravating factors such as the “cruelty, brutality” and what he said was the premeditated nature of the crime. 

Justice Kissoon highlighted, also, that a gun had been used in the commission of the offence.

After initially being divided, a jury last month convicted Henry of the murder.

Following some four hours of deliberations, the forewoman had indicated to Justice Kissoon that the panel was unable to arrive at a verdict, and was deadlocked 6 to 6. Following further directions from the judge and additional deliberations, however, the jury emerged an hour and a half later—this time, with a unanimous verdict.

Following his conviction, Henry’s sentencing was deferred to yesterday to facilitate the probation report which his lawyer had requested.

After the jury had emerged from the jury room the first time, announcing its initial deadlock, Justice Kissoon sought an explanation as to why the panel was experiencing difficulty with arriving at a decision. 

The forewoman then presented those reasons among which surrounded issues including articles that were not admitted into evidence and means through which the accused was identified.

It was at that point that the judge enquired whether “further directions” were needed, before proceeding to sum up the matter again.

Griffith, 36, of East Ruimveldt, Georgetown was on the roadway in the area, which is also called ‘Warlock,’ when a man approached on foot, discharged several shots at him and escaped.

He was hit about his body, including to his left thigh, face and chest, and subsequently died on arrival at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

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